Michael Snure Criminal Defense Florida

“There could have been no more efficient way to do it than to do it with NRV. It is much like what you do when you sit down with your client in the office. It’s not about how great I am or what great lawyers we are. It’s about what you can do for them. The coaching and preparation of NRV makes it so anyone can sit through these sessions and pump out usable videos for their practice.”

Michael Snure – Florida

Mike Bottaro Personal Injury Rhode Island

“It’s what we all watch nowadays… It allows you to get to know somebody In a way images and text can’t convey. By having video you can really share with the viewer a little bit more about who you are as a personal injury lawyer. It was kind of a step-by-step process, answering questions and thinking about your own practice what you want to convey from conception to end product.”

Mike Bottaro
Bottero Law Firm – Rhode Island

Daniel Burke Parker Waichman New York

“I learned that the better and more effective way to do this is to provide information to the clients. Delivering this in an informational fashion as opposed to telling them how wonderful we are.”

Daniel Burke
Parker Waichman – New York

Paul Hernandez Kalfus & Knachman Norfolk, VA

“This is much more than hauling out cameras and lights we are targeting specific case types… where clients are searching for an attorney or answers regarding a problem they have. People who are actually looking for an attorney at that point… which, many times is better than TV advertising.”

Paul Hernandez
Kalfus & Nachman – Virginia

Steven Kramer Full Service Firm Orlando, FL

“I think that video is the future, and this is an opportunity to get in ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage, making a connection with the client, boosting search engine optimization, and increasing conversions for more effective marketing.”

Steven Kramer
Kramer Law Firm – Orlando

Michael & Ryan McGlinn Juvenile Defense San Diego, CA

We needed the assistance of someone who knew what they were doing, to kind of get this content going… I think it’s definitely the way to go, we feel like we got a pro to assist us here and it’s well worth the money.”

Michael & Ryan McGlinn
McGlinn & McGlinn – San Diego

Gregory M. Stokes Personal Injury Atlanta, GA

“We recently got two really good cases, we tracked where they came from, the client said they had watched our YouTube videos and they were calling because of it… It is amazing, people will call you because of the videos you post.”

Gregory Stokes
Stokes & Kopitsky – Atlanta

Benjamin Von Schuch DUI Defense Atlanta, GA

“I was just able to be an attorney and act just like how I am at trial or in a meeting with my clients. I realized that a lot of what I was doing before was wrong, I wasn’t answering what clients want to know. It presents yourself to potential clients as somebody who knows the answers, so they will trust you and come to you. We are just giving them what they want… exactly what they are searching for.”

Benjamin Von Schuch
BVS Law Firm – Atlanta